“After installing our Osprey systems, quench breakage dropped from 4% to 1%! The Osprey gives us the process control we lacked before installing the systems.”
- T. Moore, General Manager, Glass & Mirror Craft

“The Osprey is an absolutely critical tool for managing the furnace recipes and operation.”
- K. Petersen, Cardinal LG

“[The Osprey is a] brilliant tool for process control.”
- C. Fuchs, Pilkington/NSG

"After moving to our new plant (and prior to reinstalling the Osprey) we had to run without the Osprey, and we were running blind. We didn’t know what we were making!"
- T. Kelley, Owner, Tristar Glass, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"The Osprey helps us after furnace maintenance. Recently during maintenance a ceramic roller was mispositioned on a saddle bearing. Immediately upon startup we saw the problem on the Osprey and corrected the problem before making lots of bad glass."
- C. Wencl, Tempering Process Engineer, Viracon, Minnesota

"I check the output of the Osprey with the operators for quality history over the shift every day. If not in specification, I adjust the quench, or check rollers, or check the recipe. Recently I found one end of the quench rollers to be 1/16” (2 mm) low, adjusted the level, and the glass flatness immediately improved."
- Maintenance Manager, Cardinal Glass, Wisconsin

“The Osprey is a great piece of equipment. We don't need to go through a physical gauge measurement every hour. We make adjustments as we go to improve quality. And we don't have to sort through an hour's worth of glass if a measurement is out of specification.”
- C. Eckberg, Process Engineer, Viracon, St. George, Utah

“We achieved 15% to 20% throughput increase after installing the Osprey. The operators tended to run hot to decrease quench breakage. With the Osprey the operators are a lot more conscious of quality. They see the quality of all the glass and keep cycle times optimized. This results in shorter cycle times and increased throughput.”
- J. Wrenn, Plant Manager, Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions, Cheswick, Pennsylvania

“We have experienced a significant improvement in lamination due to improved flatness of glass from tempering. Historically, our tempering loss (discarded laminated units with tempered glass) was 35 times that of annealed glass loss. Now the difference is not measurable.”
- R. Sands, Quality Technician, Oldcastle Glass, Perrysburg, Ohio

“With the Osprey you can see the problem deep down. We have come down on time and temperature giving us better quality and faster cycle times!”
- Furnace Operator, Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions, Atlanta, Georgia

“The Osprey gave us far more than expected. During the first two weeks of use we increased throughput by optimizing recipes. We get better optics and increased throughput!”
- I. Sampsel, President, Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions, Atlanta, Georgia

“We are very pleased with the new Osprey inspection system and the upgrades to the old system as well.”
- A. Berkowitz, Owner, J.E. Berkowitz

“Your team blazed in, installed the system, trained our people and blazed out! Not one problem with the system [in the 27 months] since installation. Your support staff must be bored.”
- J. Ogrodowski , General Manager, Hartung Glass

“[With the Osprey] one can see the accuracy of the measurements immediately.”
- G. Banfield, Hartung Glass

“We have recently installed an Osprey surface measuring system in our factory as part of a turn key project and the system has run fine, giving excellent results during the processing of heat treated glass.”
- G. Prideaux, Factory Manager, Arcglass

“Thanks, for you and your team’s promptness. The operators will be looking forward to getting [the Osprey] back. You don’t realize how important, or how much you rely on something until you don’t have it there. It has become a very important tool in our operation.”
- D. Richards, Tempering Supervisor, Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions, Toronto, Ontario

“Using samples for a reproducibility study (between multiple Osprey systems) we found the 3-point trolley accepted samples that the Osprey rejected and the samples were clearly unacceptable when visually inspected.”
- P. Anderson, Viracon, Minnesota

“The Osprey brings out the most minute change in recipes. The operator can see the change, learn from it and react.”
- J. Wrenn, Plant Manager, Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions

“We see results immediately. A recent problem was corrected in fifteen minutes. In the past we would have run poor product for two days before discovering and correcting the problem!
- M. Bosworth, Plant Manager, Cardinal TG, Tomah, Wisconsin

“The LiteSentry system shows us exactly the period between peaks and how it relates to the furnace roll circumference. Super handy! Super accurate and doing a lot more than we thought it would.”
- D. Rhonehouse, Cardinal IG, Fremont, Indiana

“Once I got used to using the Osprey Distortion Measurement System, I don’t know what I’d do without it!”
- J. Graham, Day shift team leader, Cardinal IG, Fremont, Indiana

“When the screen is all green it warns us that the break pattern may grow. We aim for green and green/blue.” (Referring to the color-coded display of each load and the ability to predict degradation of break pattern and potential quench break.)
- T. Anderson, Night shift team leader, Cardinal IG, Fargo, North Dakota

“We have seen dramatic improvement in quality and decrease in roll wave distortion since the LiteSentry systems have been in use.”
- R. Belding, Materials Manager, Pella Corporation, Pella, Iowa