Articles and White Papers

LiteSentry Fact Sheet: What is a milliDiopter (mD)?

Click here to learn about milliDiopters and optical distortion

LiteSentry White Paper: Measurement of Optical Distortion

Click here to read a 2010 white paper, “Measurement of optical distortion in tempered and laminated flat glass for architectural and solar applications” presented at the Glass Performance Days conference in China.

Glass Magazine

Click here to read Eyes Like a Hawk, by Katy Devlin, first published in Glass magazine.

When a Zebra Board just isn’t enough

Click here to read an article first published in Glass Times (UK)

Crystal Achievement Award winner 2007

Glass magazine recognized LiteSentry and its partner, J.E. Berkowitz, for “Most Innovative Plant Equipment” in the 2007 Crystal Achievement Awards program. The awards recognize significant achievements in architectural glass technology, manufacturing, and marketing.  Click here to read the article