Osprey™ 10 CW

The patented Osprey 10 CW Inspection system by LiteSentry is the industry standard for real-time inspection and measurement of all types of optical distortion over the entire web of polycarbonate and acrylic soon after the forming process but before cutting into sheets. The Osprey system can be installed over the polycarbonate or acrylic forming line or unload conveyor, measuring and reporting optical distortion of the polycarbonate and acrylic web. Piece part plastics (such as cast polycabonate) can be inspected by the Osprey 10 Distortion Inspection System.

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LiteSentry develops and manufactures automated inspection systems for flat glass and plastics. The Osprey Distortion Measurement System is the result of over 20 years of product development and continuous improvement in automated glass and plastic inspection.


In the main interface above, the right side displays distortion (green signifies no or little distortion). The left side is the distortion trend over time at 3 standard deviations meaning 99.73% of the measurements in the area are less than the values shown. 

Since the Osprey was invented in 1999, hundreds of systems have been installed in tempering plants on five continents, providing state-of-the-art technology in optical distortion inspection for heat-treated glass and sheet plastic.


  • An inspection area spanning the full width of the conveyor is continuously scanned by the Osprey system
  • As polycarbonate or acrylic enters the inspection area, the vision system measures distortion in 24 mm areas, over the entire surface of the web
  • Measurement continues as the web moves at constant velocity under the inspection area
  • Graphical depiction of the web in plan view with color coding representing the relative magnitude of distortion over the web.
  • Pass / fail indication by red “X” over a subsection of the web with breaks defined by the user. The pass / fail quality criteria is user-defined
  • Red warning light illuminates when a section of the web fails the designated quality criteria.
  • A result summary for each subsection of the web showing percentage of measurements within set quality thresholds.
  • Thickness of the web as reported by the forming machine (mm or inch)
  • Trend graph for past 24 hours showing distortion by user-defined QC thresholds
  • Data outputs in many formats for easy integration
  • Optical system requires little maintenance
  • Designed for harsh factory conditions



  • Provides real-time data for process control
  • Reduces waste in process and reduces product returns
  • Increases throughput
  • Improves quality
  • Eliminates manual measurement
  • Provides true process control
The Osprey is available in the following versions:
  • The Osprey 10 Distortion Inspection System including flatness inspection for architectural, residential, and solar glass
  • The Osprey 10 Complete Inspection System, including anisotropy, distortion, and flatness inspection

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Click here for the Osprey 10 Complete product brochure (pdf)

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