Osprey™ 9 Anisotropy Inspection System

The Osprey 9 Anisotropy Inspection System by LiteSentry is the industry standard for real-time inspection and measurement of tempered glass. The Osprey 9 Anisotropy inspects for maximum observable iridescence, strain marks, heat staining, white haze, and average or residual stress.

To inspect for Anisotropy and Distortion in a single system - click here for the Osprey 9 Complete!

The Osprey 9 Anisotropy was developed in partnership with Stress Photonics, the global leader in optical stress measurement.  The Osprey 9 Anisotropy is designed and manufactured in the U.S. to the highest standards of precision and durability. Using sophisticated optics, high-speed cameras and powerful algorithms, the Osprey 9 Anisotropy inspects for iridescence, strain marks, heat staining, white haze, and many other stress related phenomena

Osprey 9 Anisotropy displaying the retrdance in nanometers. Average stress is also provided in MPa and PSI along with glass thickness

Anisotropy and iridescence are said to be inherent to the tempering process. However, when measured accurately and results presented clearly to the user, the phenomena can be controlled and minimized.

Architects and building owners require exceptional glass quality and are specifying decreased iridescence, particularly on high profile projects.  The means for architects and glass fabricators to find common ground is a quantifiable measurement upon which an acceptable level of iridescence can be agreed.

The Osprey 9 Anisotropy uses Stress Photonics Grey-Field Polariscope cameras and polarized transmitted light to detect anisotropy effects in every sheet of glass.  Accurate and repeatable measurement allows the user to reduce the phenomena through improved process control.

  • Osprey 9 Anisotropy can be installed on any brand of tempering line
  • Live Iridescence and Retardation maps of all glass sheets are displayed online
  • Works with many substrates
  • Scalable width system, from 0.5-3.3 meters (19-130 inches)
  • Intuitive user interface
  • End-user established quality thresholds
  • Data outputs in many formats for easy integration
  • Optical system requires little maintenance
  • Designed for harsh factory conditions
  • Detects anisotropy immediately after tempering
  • Provides real-time data for process control
  • Reduces waste in process and reduces product returns
  • Increases throughput
  • Improves quality
  • Eliminates manual measurement
  • Provides true process control
Osprey™ 9 Anisotropy
The Osprey is available in the following versions:
  • Osprey 9 Anisotropy Inspection System for iridescence, retardation and average stress
  • Osprey 9 Complete Inspection System, including anisotropy, distortion, and flatness inspection
  • Osprey 9 Distortion Inspection System including flatness inspection for architectural, residential, and solar glass
  • Osprey 9 Transmissive Distortion System Refractive power inspection of glass and plastic sheets.

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Click here for the Osprey 9 Complete product brochure (pdf)

Click here for the Osprey 9 Distortion product brochure (pdf)

Click here for the Osprey 9 Transmissive  Distortion System product brochure (pdf)

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