Hawk™ 4 Scratch + Defect Inspection System

Hawk 4 Scratch + Defect Inspection system by LiteSentry is a patented, high-resolution camera-based inspection system.

The Hawk inspects both front and rear surfaces of monolithic glass at conveyor velocities up to 36 inches per second (914 mm/s), the fastest in the industry.

Designed and built in the U.S., the Hawk is ideal for use on insulating, double or triple glazing, laminating, and coating lines. Each defect detected is logged in a production database for trend analysis and improved process control.


Prevents defective glass from proceeding to high value-added operations
Intercepts defects before shipment to customers
Improves quality = increased profit


The Hawk exceeds the industry standard defect detection specification (ASTM 1036).
The MIL standard defines scratches and digs (coating pinholes or other circular defects) as any non-linear geometry
100 = 0.10 mm scratch width by any length. 20 = 0.20 mm diameter dig

Defects detected:

Scratches, digs, surface pits or debris, coating pinholes, coating spot clusters, coating arc marks, tin spots, abrasion, finger prints, skid marks, tire marks, seeds, stones, laminate inclusions, edge delete skips, and many others.

Hawk 4 by LiteSentry_100_inch horizontal
Hawk 3 vertical 96-inch from upstream_20130503_3X4_300dpi