Osprey 10®

Inspection Systems

LiteSentry’s revolutionary Osprey® inspection systems include the only high performing systems that meet and exceed growing requirements of leading architects and glass suppliers, including mandated distortion and anisotropy measurements.

Innovative optical technology delivers complete, precise, and accurate inspections guaranteeing superior quality while saving time and costs. Secure customer commitments and advance your opportunities with Osprey®.

Learn about the different options:

O9 Complete


Setting the standard in quality control.

The Osprey® 10 Complete is the only system on the market that measures both optical distortion and anisotropy, while meeting and exceeding requirements of leading architects and glass suppliers. Developed in partnership with Stress Photonics, the global supplier in optical stress analysis, our revolutionary detection measures anisotropy, flatness, and over 15 types of optical distortion.

» Key Application: Tempering Furnaces



The highest standard for precision and durability.

Our state-of-the-art technology detects all types of optical distortion and provides real time data for process control. Improve throughput and quality including flatness, inspection for architectural, residential, and solar glass.

» Key Application: Tempering Furnaces



Locate defects faster and improve your bottom line.

Minimize ansotropies, white haze, heat staining, observable iridescence, and average or residual stress. Accurate measurement detects anisotropy effects in every sheet of glass for customer satisfaction and retention.

» Key Application: Tempering Furnaces



The industry standard for real-time inspection of glass and plastic.

The Osprey® system that performs inspections of refractive power, also known as transmitted distortion, designed to reduce your cost and increase performance.

» Key Application: Laminating Lines, Extruded Sheet Plastic