Owl™ 2 Recipe Selection + Tempering Furnace Control System

Owl 2 Recipe Selection + Tempering Furnace Control system by LiteSentry is a complete redesign of the successful Owl Mass Measurement System, first installed in 2002.

The Owl 2 is a patented, non-contact optical system measuring the glass thickness, type of low-E coating (1, 2, 3 silver layers, 4th surface low-E), glass dimensions and sheet locations as the load approaches the furnace.

The Owl transmits date to the furnace control system allowing the furnace to automatically select a recipe and optimize the heat profile, improving cycle time, minimizing distortion, and optimize flatness. The Owl has a proven track record of improving productivity and quality in glass manufacturing plants worldwide.

  • Increase throughput
  • Temper flatter glass
  • Eliminate human error
  • Improve productivity
  • Automatic furnace control selects recipe and heat time or heat profile
  • Optimized heat time/profile saves seconds on every load = hours every day
  • Improves optical quality by optimizing heat-time or heat-profile and preventing overheating of small loads
  • Eliminates lost production due to recipe changes
  • Eliminates operator errors due to incorrect inputs
  • Non-contact, real-time measurement of glass size, thickness and low-E coating
Outputs to the furnace include:
  • Area and location of each glass sheet
  • Thickness and coating type
  • Bed yield or percent bed utilization
  • Quality and throughput statistics including cumulative yield for shift, day, week
New Features:
  • New LED lighting system
  • Raven 12 Thickness + Coating Sensors
  • Detects 4th surface low-E coatings (i89 or IS15)
  • Energy saving, automatic shut off when system is not in use
  • Remote location for system controls
  • Cat 6 connection compatible with any furnace control system
  • Compact footprint
Owl by LiteSentry