Osprey® 8+ with Anisotropy Inspection

The OSPREY® 8+ tackles the most difficult challenges in glass inspection

The Osprey 8+ was developed in partnership with Stress Photonics, the global leader in optical stress analysis, and is designed for installation on any brand of tempering line.

Anisotropy — often seen as reflected iridescence — is a problem of growing interest to architects, developers, and building owners. It is a natural result of the tempering process when unbalanced residual temper stress selectively reflects polarized light. Iridescence is frequently visible when glass reflects the polarized light of blue skies or water. In these situations, light that would naturally pass through the glass rotates, causing shimmering patterns where glass stress is high and reflected, and dark patterns where stress is low and transmitted.

LiteSentry, with Stress Photonics, offers Anisotropy Inspection integrated with the Osprey Distortion + Flatness Inspection system. With two state-of-the-art inspection systems housed in a single unit, the Osprey 8+ provides 100% inspection, offering visualization and quantification of the most challenging problems in glass fabrication.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Osprey 8+ with Anisotropy Inspection uses Stress Photonics Grey-Field Polariscope cameras and polarized transmitted light to detect anisotropy effects in every sheet of glass. Combined with its industry-leading distortion inspection capability, the Osprey 8+ offers the most complete inspection system for tempered glass.

» Distortion Inspection: High-resolution visible light cameras and a patented reflected white LED light source measure flatness and distortion.

» Anisotropy Inspection: Patented Grey-Field Polariscope (GFP) cameras and a patent-pending polarized transmitted light array mounted under the glass measure iridescence and average stress.

Left: Osprey® 8+ distortion and iridescence display. Right: Osprey 8+Grey-field polariscope stress display on the right.

Osprey 7 now available with Anisotropy (Iridescence) Inspection
The Osprey is available in three versions:
  • The standard Osprey 8 Distortion + Flatness Inspection system for architectural, residential, and solar glass,
  • The Osprey 8+,  including the standard Osprey 8 plus inspection for iridescence and average stress, and
  • The Osprey CW (Continuous Web) for plastic sheet and float glass inspection.

Click here for an Osprey 8 product brochure (pdf)

Click here for an Osprey 8+ with Anisotropy Inspection brochure (pdf)


Osprey 8+ with Anisotropy Inspection can be installed on any brand of tempering line:

» Fully integrated grey-field polariscope system manufactured by Stress Photonics, a leader in the optical stress analysis for over 20 years.

» Real-time inspection and data collection at four polarization states.

» A map of the predicted iridescence for every part on a scale of 0-100% of maximum possible value.

» A map of average stress for every part.

» User-defined quality thresholds for the judgment of iridescence, similar to the Osprey’s proven quality thresholding methods for optical distortion.

» Data and images of every part are saved. Traceable and audible, allowing for full accountability