Osprey 7

Osprey® 8 Distortion + Flatness Inspection System

The patented Osprey® 8 by LiteSentry™ sets the industry standard for real-time inspection and measurement of distortion and flatness of tempered and laminated glass. Designed and manufactured in the U.S. to the highest standards of precision and durability, the Osprey is the only system meeting the requirements of leading architects, Vitro (formerly PPG) Certified Fabricators, Guardian Select Fabricators, and suppliers to U.S. government contracts. Read more…

Osprey 7

Hawk® 4 Scratch + Defect Inspection System

Hawk® 4 by LiteSentry™ is a patented, high-resolution camera-based system that inspects both front and rear surfaces of monolithic or laminated glass at conveyor velocities up to 914 mm/36 inches per second, the fastest in the industry. Designed and built in the U.S., the Hawk is ideal for use on insulating, double or triple glazing, laminating, and coating lines. Read more…

Owl 2 by LiteSentry

Owl™ 2 Recipe Selection + Tempering Furnace Control

Owl™ 2 by LiteSentry™ is a complete redesign of the successful Owl Mass Measurement System, first installed in 2002. The Owl 2 is a patented, non-contact optical system measuring the glass thickness, type of low-E coating (1, 2, 3 silver layers, 4th surface low-E), glass dimensions, and sheet locations. Read more…

Owl by LiteSentry
Falcon by LiteSentry

Falcon™ Precision Size + Geometry Inspection System

The Falcon™ by LiteSentry™ is a patented system to measure the precise size and geometry of holes and drillings in glass or plastic sheets moving at conveyor velocities up to 400 mm/15.75 inches per second. The Falcon provides real-time, 100% measurement of every sheet. Read more…

Raven™ 12 Thickness + Coating Sensor

The Raven by LiteSentry is a non-contact sensor to measure glass thickness and coatings in any orientation on the production line — above, below, front or rear sides. Designed and built in the U.S. for accuracy and durability, the Raven provides 100% real-time inspection of every glass sheet. Read more…

Raven Sensor
Osprey 7

Load Validator™ Load Geometry + Fault Detection System

The LiteSentry Load Validator™ detects fault conditions in glass sheets and in load geometry prior to expensive, value-adding continuous processes. The Load Validator is a key element of a comprehensive quality inspection system. Read more…

load validator by LiteSentry



Designed and built in the U.S. for quality and durability

With more than 300 inspection systems and nearly 1,000 sensors installed worldwide, LiteSentry is the proven leader in glass manufacturing inspection and process control technology. Our patented systems and sensors provide real-time, 100% inspection at every step of production from initial load validation to coating, tempering, laminating, and insulating.

LiteSentry technology sets the standard for glass, solar PV, and sheet plastic inspection, process control, and quality assurance. Intuitive user interfaces give operators the tools they need to intercept defects and make process adjustments to reduce waste and meet the highest quality standards.

With LiteSentry technology on your manufacturing line, you’ll make better glass, satisfy your customers, and stay ahead of the competition.